All Kinds of Testing

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We have E.’s echocardiogram today. Some of the other kids who have her genetic map have heart problems so the genetic counselor recommended that we get this test. I got a second opinion about whether or not to pursue it, because I don’t like putting any of us through this stuff unless it’s essential. E.’s pediatric neurologist, who is as good as it gets in terms of doctors, advised that we go and get it over with. So we’re off to the hospital.

E. won’t have to be sedated but it doesn’t sound pleasant either. The receptionist who scheduled the test was like, “It won’t be so bad; she can watch a movie.” I said, “She’s nine months old…but maybe she’ll use the time to catch up on the best picture nominees.” The woman laughed and replied in a serious Minnesota accent, “Ohh, that’s too funny.”

I’m only mildly nervous because we’ve been through so many tests already: brain ultrasound, hip ultrasound, abdominal ultrasound, brain MRI, eye exams. And she doesn’t have most of the other symptoms that these other kiddos have. So I will say a prayer and pack my bag which consists of a snack (I don’t do anything I don’t want do on an empty stomach), a water bottle, diapers, wipes, a change of clothes for E., and two 26 kcal bottles (just in case it gets epic), a blanket with these little tags on it which helps her eat better (don’t ask), and the portable bottle warmer. Because E. won’t even so much as look at a cold bottle.

I’ll meet Cedar at the Special Diagnostics department of the hospital, with all of that stuff crammed into a giant felt bag. The bag will be slung over my shoulder and the bucket car seat in the other hand. I’ll be the one hobbling a little under the weight of all of it, through the parking garage and down all of those too-bright hallways. I won’t be smiling and my hair probably won’t look that good either.

On top of it all, my kid is like the lightest kid you can have and my back is still completely trashed by the time I get back from anywhere.


Often, after these tests, we wait and wait. And then I end up calling the doctor and half the time they have the results right there and just haven’t gotten to us yet. But not today. This afternoon, I got a call from the doc that E.’s heart is totally normal. So good, one thing less to worry about. One really good big thing.

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